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Project Description

The WebApp2013 is a Conference web application contains the following pages:

The Home page, which provides a brief overview of the conference, the speakers, and the sponsors.
The Home page also includes a video from the previous conference.
The About page, which provides more detail about the conference and the technologies that it covers.
The Schedule page, which lists the conference sessions. The conference has two concurrent tracks, and the sessions are organized by track. Some sessions are common to both tracks.
The Register page, which enables the user to provide their details and register for the conference.
The Location page, which provides information about the conference location and a map of the venue.
The Live page, which enables an attendee to submit technical questions to the speakers running the conference sessions. The page displays the answer from the speaker, together with questions (with answers) posted by other conference attendees.
The Feedback page, which enables the user to rate conference sessions and speakers.


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